Our Commitment

Our associates strive to balance social and economic factors, minimize environmental impact, respect and develop one another, ensure fair trading practices, cultivate our communities and build relationships rooted in trust.

Our Actions

Management Principles

  • Pursue excellence
  • Strategic decision making
  • Proceed ethically with integrity and fairness
  • Commitment the earth and community
  • Engage associate potential
  • Provide a safe, healthy, and positive working environment

Principles of Action

  • Customer first; both external and internal
  • Practice Ownership
  • Think deeply
  • Declare and execute
  • Cherish time
  • Respect and support one another

In addition to following our guiding principles, as a wholly owned subsidiary, we abide by the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of G.S. ELECTECH, in Japan: http://www.gs-electech.co.jp/english/csr/index.html.

  • “While change is a constant in all of our lives, the values we were founded upon remain steadfast. We operate as one team and conduct ourselves as good corporate citizens on the planet as we serve our customers in all corners of the world.”

    Joji (George) Suzuki

    Our Ethics

    Ethics is at the core of GSW Manufacturing. We have an expectation of compliance and hold one another accountable to earn the trust of our stakeholders today and well into the future.
    Visit our ethics and compliance site

    Employee Experience

    Our supportive work environment is rooted in respect. We embrace our diversity of culture and encourage inclusion and equitable treatment for all. We provide opportunities for continual personal and professional development, teamwork and ensuring a safe environment throughout our organization.

    During FY 2021-2022, production associates received an average of 7,220 hours of training per month, representing 94% of our goal for the year. During the first six months of FY 2022-2023, production associates participated in an average of 6,967 training hours per month, representing 89% of our goal. In addition, salaried associates in Ohio completed more than 800 hours of professional development during the first six months of FY 2022-2023.

    GSW is committed to the safety and health of all associates and comply with all regulatory requirements. With the goal of zero, our incidents and recordables have significantly declined since FY 2020-2021. During the first six months of FY 2022-2023, we have experienced no incidents and one recordable. We continuously strive to reduce risks of injuries including coordinating between safety, engineering, tooling, and production to ensure equipment modifications or new equipment are free of safety concerns, such as pinch points.

    Safety Performance (FY 2017-2022)

    Environmental Impact

    GSW is committed to the conservation of our natural resources and the protection of our environment. We achieve this through continual improvement in compliance to all regulations and requirements, prevention of pollution, quality and environmental management systems, and environmental performance measures.

    As a Toyota Manufacture 2030 Green Supplier, we are continually seeking opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption as well as reuse or recycle manufacturing and warehousing materials such as wire, terminals, cardboard boxes, solder dross, wooden pallets, and yellow brass.

    We expect all associates to be familiar of the environmental impacts of our activities and environmental management system goals. To that end, we recently installed an EV charger for visitors to ‘recharge’ when at the corporate offices in Findlay.

    Community Partnerships

    Individually and collectively we provide our time, talent and treasure to strengthen our communities. We are dedicated to positively impacting our communities and enhancing the lives of our fellow citizens through inclusivity, social justice, human rights, and equality.

    We support a variety of educational programs in area school districts and universities, including several scholarships and partnerships. Currently GSW associates are working closely with seniors and graduate students in the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Department of Engineering Technologies and Department of Management as a hands-on opportunity for them to apply their knowledge to improve our supply chain visibility and investigate reshoring opportunities for our components.

    We are also involved with nearly 50 social service agencies including Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Coats for Christmas and literally get our hands dirty with local community gardens. Additionally, we encourage and support our associates to serve as board members for non-profit organizations.

    Business Practices

    GSW is committed to be a responsible company and community partner. We strive for the highest standards of business ethics and require that all associates conduct themselves with honesty and integrity – both inside and outside of the workplace. 

    It is a core responsibility of all GSW associates to conduct business in an open, honest, and ethical manner. This includes ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest, compliance with federal, state, and local laws, following the rules and regulations of government agencies, ensuring that our entire trade process is fair and being diligent in recognizing and refusing counterfeit parts and materials.

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Policy provides guidance for how we interact with each other, customers and third parties. In the event someone acts outside of this policy, we offer associates the Speak Up Compliance Reporting Website [link to website] to report any incidents of indiscretion.

    We ensure the manner in which we conduct our business cultivates relationships and earns the trust of our customers and community every day.

    The Story is In the Numbers


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