Effective relationships with our suppliers are an important part of our business.
We work closely with our suppliers to improve performance and explore new opportunities and technology.

Open Door Policy

G.S.W. conducts the procurement of parts, materials and production equipment for our facilities fairly and impartially by searching for global suppliers. When selecting a supplier, we consider from quality, technology, cost delivery to their approach and system for continuous improvement.

Mutual Evolution Based on Mutual Trust.

It is important to build a strong relationship of trust with our suppliers through close communication.

Promotion of "Green Procurement"

We implement production activities that are environmentally friendly from an overall perspective. Our aim is to purchase items with a low environmental impact from environmentally conscious suppliers.

Promotion of Local Procurement

G.S.W. searches all over the world for places to conduct our corporate activities, and then engage actively in local production and local procurement. Our aim through these activities is to contribute to the local communities as a good corporate citizen.

Thorough Legal Compliance and Confidentiality

We comply with all laws related to purchasing activities. We also pay careful attention to the handling of confidential information obtained through trading.

Minority Suppliers

The goal of G.S.W. Supplier Diversity Program is to maximize procurement opportunities with minority and women-owned businesses as suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors of goods and services. We proactively seek, build relationships with, develop, and buy from minority suppliers. This program contributes to strengthening communities and creates long-term growth and competitive advantage for our Company.

Conflict Materials

In order to comply with the legislation and manage customer requests concerning conflict minerals, we require our suppliers to comply with the law. We also request our suppliers to use the industry -wide accepted centralized identification system and process to for the collection, tracking and responding to customer requests.