Quality Management System Policy

The keys to our success are:

1. Competent personnel with technical knowledge and a commitment to comply with requirements:

"Quality Excellence"

2. The equipment and system support to provide quality products:

"The First Time"

3. Production and scheduling capability to produce and deliver the products:

"On Time"

4. Planning systems and processes to reduce variables, increase product consistency and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System:

"Every Time"

By these keys we control costs, ensure market share, allow future growth, and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

A quality mindset is important for us to compete in the global market. Our production process is designed from the bottom up with quality and the surrounding environment in mind.

The value we place on quality and the environment we operate in can be seen in our Quality Management System Policy and our Environmental Management System Policy.

Environmental Management System Policy

G.S.W. Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to the conservation of our natural resources and to protect our environment as well as our Associates. We achieve this through continual improvements in:

1. Compliance to all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations and other requirements.

2. Prevention of pollution.

3. Quality/Environmental Management System.

4. Protection of the Environment.

5. Continual improvement to enhance environmental performance measures.