G.S.W. Manufacturing, Inc.'s facility in Findlay, Ohio was established in 1989 by G.S. Wiring Systems, Inc. and G.S. ELECTECH, Inc., as the first North American manufacturing operation.

G.S.ELECTECH, the parent company of GSW located in Toyota City, Japan was established during 1969 as a manufacturer of wiring harnesses for automotive industry. Increase customer demands resulted in expansion of the Ohio facility.

Through manufacturing expertise and dedication to customer service, G.S.W. increases revenues and penetrates new markets.

North American operations expanded not only in Ohio but new plants were established in Mexico.

Today G.S.W. - North America has over 2,000 employees and supplies a variety of assembled products, ranging from wiring harnesses to component assemblies for OEM and major part manufactures.

G.S.W. Manufacturing, Inc. is head office for North American operations and provides guidance and support to its affiliates in North America.