GSW Manufacturing, Inc. actively contributes toward the sustainable development of society through business activities in each country and region.

Responsibility for Customers

We are committed to create new value for our customers. Based on the principle of putting customers first, we pursue superior technologies and develop and supply attractive, safe, and high quality products and services that meet the expectations of our customers. We handle intellectual property properly and protect the personal information of our customers and other people concerned with our business.

Responsibility for Trade Partners

We open our doors wide and always ensure that our entire trading process is fair. We respect our suppliers and other trade partners as equals, and aim to mutually evolve by building relationships of trust.

Responsibility for Employees

We respect our employees and provide environment that encourages each individual's dynamic work. We maintain and improve workplaces to make them safe and pleasant to work in. Through honest interaction and consultation with our employees, we build and share the values of mutual trust and mutual responsibility. We provide fair working conditions and opportunities without discrimination to enable all kinds of people to flourish. We also respect human rights and conduct our business without the use of forced labor or child labor.

Responsibility for Communities

(International and Regional)

Through our technical development, plant operations and the individual actions of each and every employee, we try to help find a balance between social and economic factors, such as in the prevention of global warming, the protection of biodiversity, and traffic safety. We conduct activities by ourselves or jointly with our partners in order to build a better future for those communities while also gaining their respect. We strive for free and fair competition without violating competition laws. We maintain impartial relations with government bodies without collusion or corruption